Fire Circle


The Fire Circle brings together Elders from First Nations and other wisdom traditions with business leaders around the world.

By listening to great teachers from First Nations and other wisdom traditions, we can unlock the potential of our own relationship with Earth. This connection between Nature, business and spirituality allows each of us to contribute to the global economic transition that is transforming the ways we live and work. Like drops of rain forming a stream, our personal regeneration can lead to our planet's regeneration.


Short Courses, coming soon!

At the Fire Circle, we believe in supporting peoples’ inner and outer growth as part of the global regeneration movement. Working with Elders from Indigenous and diverse cultures, we regularly facilitate workshop mini-series and short courses.

Two of our most popular examples include the Woven Way which is a practical 8-week course for emerging global leaders to bring new ideas into the world in service of a more regenerative and flourishing future and Leading with Wholeness, a 3-week series, which explores letting go of outdated habits and ways of being by embracing Indigenous and Western knowledge systems for a more integrated state that accepts and celebrates the spiritual, scientific, mystical, and mundane.

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Seasonal Fire Circles

Each season, on the Equinox & Solstice, we host online Fire Circles featuring different Elders from Indigenous, Eastern and Western traditions. These are intended for a diverse community of emerging and established leaders from around the world.

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Fire Circle x Universities

We believe that there’s a gap in western business and leadership education – the voices of Indigenous Elders and Nature are missing. Through our skills in facilitating intercultural conversations, we can help business schools to connect with Indigenous Elders in culturally-safe and respectful ways that build ongoing, meaningful relationships. This powerful work opens up new ways of understanding systems change, circular economies and the regeneration movement.

Examples of past collaborations:

Regenerative Economics – Business School at Oxford University. Years 2021 – 2022

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Fire Circle x Business

Decision-makers are facing significant obstacles as they consider the role of businesses in addressing social and environmental issues. Western culture has taught us to see silos instead of interrelationships, which impedes our corporate responsibility.

Drawing on our team’s experience in purpose-driven business and our Elders’ knowledge and wisdom, we can offer transformational leadership experiences for pioneering businesses.

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The need for the wisdom of those deeply in relationship with the Earth has never been greater.

Fire Circle guest

I felt humbled by the experience. The Fire Circle has sparked a deeper motivation to listen deeply to my Elders and to seek out their wisdom.

Fire Circle guest

It reinforced for me that transformation is an inner journey and too often we look to the outer things to make the change.

Fire Circle guest

I felt an immediate shift in energy and pace. I hadn’t realised until that moment how badly I needed to slow down and listen.

Jen Werbitsky

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Acknowledgement of Earth

We acknowledge our Mother Earth and the daily services that her ecosystems provide us. We acknowledge the First Nations people of the lands and waterways from where we gather as well as their Elders past, present & emerging. We acknowledge the many paths of migration and wisdom traditions that enrich our global community through culture, trade and stories.